Stuff You Can Do Inside PBS

Stuff You Can Do Inside PBS

Stuff You Can Do Inside PBS

We don’t want a cluttered interface, and wanted everything to be intuitive and easy to discover. So even though the user interface of Page Builder Sandwich looks simple, it’s quite powerful and you can do a lot of things while editing.

Special Content You Can Insert While Typing

  • Paste in an embeddable URL (e.g. a YouTube video URL) then hit enter to embed it
  • Paste in an iframe html code then hit enter to embed it
  • Type or paste in a shortcode then hit enter to render it

Manipulating Content Using Your Mouse Cursor

You can also do a lot of nifty stuff using your mouse cursor. Interactive overlays and toolbars appear when you hover your mouse on different elements. Each of those do different things, such as:

  • Drag elements around – Click and hold your mouse on any element to drag it, then drop it on another element to move it. Click and hold for around 500ms to begin dragging.
  • Top and bottom margins – You can adjust the margins of elements by dragging arrow overlays on text and other elements. Shift + Ctrl (or Command in Macs) while clicking on a corner to reset the margin.
  • Column widths – Drag the edges of columns to adjust their widths, numerical indicators will show the current percentage widths.
  • Resizing – Drag the corners of images and icons to resize them. Shift + Ctrl while clicking on a corner to reset the size.

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