I Can’t Find Where to Put in My License Key

I Can’t Find Where to Put in My License Key

I Can’t Find Where to Put in My License Key

The Lite plugin and the Premium plugin are two different plugins. In order to use the premium features, you will have to deactivate (or uninstall) the Lite version, then install and activate the Premium plugin, and then input your license key.

Note: If you activate both the lite & premium plugins at the same time, the plugin will tell you to deactivate the one you have first before proceeding.

Note for customers who bought PBS from pagebuildersandwich.com: You can also download the plugin from the site, the current license key that you have should still work. If it doesn’t, please contact us and we can issue you a new one.

After you purchase PBS, you should get an email containing two things:

  1. A link to download the premium version of the plugin, and
  2. Your license key

Install & activate the premium plugin, and then you should be presented with this screen:

fileEnter your license key here and click on Agree & Activate License. Now the premium features would now be available.

Alternatively, you can also go to your plugins page, and find the Page Builder Sandwich plugin in the list:

file TmKnoXuFCH

Click on the Activate License link, and you should be able to put in your license from there.

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