Basic Troubleshooting

Basic Troubleshooting

Basic Troubleshooting

There are thousands of themes and other plugins out there. So while we try and be careful and build everything up to standards, sometimes things can go wrong.

If you find that Page Builder Sandwich isn’t working right in your set up, here’re a few steps that you can take to troubleshoot the problem.

Read the Article About When The “Edit with Page Builder Sandwich” Button Doesn’t Appear

Check out the article here:  The “Edit with Page Builder Sandwich” Button Doesn’t Appear If it doesn’t fix things, read on.

Check the Other Troubleshooting Articles

Browse through the different articles in the  Troubleshooting Category in the docs.

Make Sure Your Stuff Is Updated

WordPress, your plugins, your theme and even Page Builder Sandwich. It’s always good to be updated. Making sure your stuff are updated means that you’ll have the latest bug and vulnerability fixes for your site.

Try Editing Your Content in the Backend and Check If It Shows up in the Frontend Page/Post

If you can’t edit your content with Page Builder Sandwich (and probably an error popup showed up), it may be that the content of current page you are on is all generated by your theme / a plugin. To check this, edit your page/post in the backend normally using WordPress, then check if your saved content shows up in the frontend. If it doesn’t appear, then that means the page/post content is all generated and cannot be edited using PBS.

Deactivate Your Plugins One by One and Check When PBS Starts Working Again

Sometimes, a plugin may have some conflict with Page Builder Sandwich. To check which plugin may be causing the conflict, deactivate a plugin and check if PBS starts working again. Do this for each of your activated plugins. If PBS begins working again and you can edit your pages, then the plugin you just deactivated isn’t compatible with PBS. In those cases, contact us via email at and let us know so we can fix it.

Switch Back to the Default WordPress Theme

If deactivating plugins didn’t do anything, try switching your theme to the default WordPress theme (the Twenty-Something themes). If you can start editing your content with Page Builder Sandwich again, then the theme you’re using isn’t compatible with PBS. Send us this information via email at and let us know so we can fix it.

Try Incognito Mode (Rare)

In rare occurrences, a browser extension can possibly prevent Javascript code in a website from working properly. To check if a browser extension is causing problems, open your browser in incognito mode (Chrome) or in private mode and try accessing PBS, this would open a new tab without any extensions. If it works, then you have a conflicting extension.

The browser extension PageXray has been found to cause problems.

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