How to Upload Your Own Icons

How to Upload Your Own Icons

How to Upload Your Own Icons

In the premium version of Page Builder Sandwich, you can use your own SVG / vector icons. Here’s how:

  1. Begin editing with Page Builder Sandwich.
  2. Locate the SVG icon that you want to use in your desktop,
  3. Make sure that the filename of the icon is descriptive, the name will be used for searching your icon later. e.g. “apple-mac-desktop”
  4. Drag the file into the browser to upload it. (After you drop the file, the Media Manager will appear to begin the upload process. If it doesn’t appear, click on the “Add Media” element button in PBS’s inspector to open it, then upload your icon from there.)
  5. Close the Media Manager window and click on the “Add Icon” element button to open the Icon Picker popup.
  6. Search for your newly uploaded icon. e.g. if the filename of your icon is “apple-mac-desktop”, you can use the terms “apple”, “mac” or “desktop” to search for your icon.

Uploaded icons can also be used as bullet icons in bullet lists and button icons.

Note: If your icon doesn’t appear in your searches, it might be that the filename wasn’t properly parsed by PBS. In those cases, you can use the terms “custom” or “upload” to find your uploaded icons.

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