How to Add Widgets

How to Add Widgets

How to Add Widgets

Adding widgets can be done by clicking the Widget Element button in the Elements section in the inspector. Upon clicking, a popup should appear that lists all the widgets Page Builder Sandwich has found in your site.

Why Some Widget Options May Not Work Properly

All widgets found in your WordPress site can be added, however some widgets that use customized/specialized Javascript code within their settings might not work properly. Widgets that use these might not work:

  • Color pickers aside from the one included in WordPress
  • File uploader options that do not use WordPress’ Media Manager
  • Other special scripts like interactive map pickers, font pickers,
  • Javascript code that triggers when a setting changes values, etc.

The default WordPress widgets and similarly created widgets should have no problem.

How to Work Around This

If you really need that specific widget to work, there is a work around this.

You can use the plugin Custom Sidebars by WPMU Dev to create a new sidebar/widget area, add your widget in there using the normal method in Appearance > Widgets. Then in Page Builder Sandwich, add a Sidebar Element and select the sidebar that contains the widget that you need.

Another alternative is to re-create the effect you want using the various elements and styles available in Page Builder Sandwich.

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