Map Element

Map Element

Map Element


Lite Version Availablle with limited styling
Premium Version All features available

  • Custom map icons
  • Colorized maps
  • Custom styled maps / color schemes via


Click on the map element to add a map to your page. Whenever the map element is selected, the inspector should show the map settings. You can enter latitude & longitude coordinates or an address on the location field in the inspector to center your map on that area. There are other styling options available there as well.

You can further manipulate the map element by panning or zooming in/out the map. Take note that your changes on the map will be applied on the element.

For premium users, your can stylize your map by picking a color to tint it; another option is to use to generate some color schemes then use those. SnazzyMaps can be used to create color schemes similar to those one: To use these color schemes, copy the Javascript style array into the inspector.

Map heights can be adjust, however map widths cannot and will always resize to the maximum width available. To resize it, place your maps inside rows and columns. You can also set maps to occupy the full-width of the browser.

Useful In

  • Contact pages
  • Store / branch locators
  • Single page sites

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