I Cannot See My Changes After Refreshing

I Cannot See My Changes After Refreshing

I Cannot See My Changes After Refreshing

If you’ve saved your changes in your page and…

  1. it reverts back to the old content after refreshing; or
  2. you can still see the old content when you view the page in another browser (or in incognito mode);

Possibility #1: Caching

this might mean that saving didn’t trigger your caching solution from being clearing its stored data.

If you’re using some sort of caching solution – such as a caching plugin like W3 Total Cache, a server-side caching software like Memcached or Redis, or DNS caching like CloudFlare – it might not have cleared your saved content.

One way to check whether this is the case is to edit your page in the backend (the normal way), then view your page in the frontend. If your content didn’t change, then maybe your cache didn’t automatically clear.

Some non-WordPress caching solutions have a complimentary WordPress plugin that can help with purging or clearing the current cache, WordPress solutions usually have buttons or options for this.

Possibility #2: An Error Occurred

It’s also possible that some sort of PHP error occurred during saving.

To check whether this is happening, open up your developer console (preferably in Chrome) then navigate to the Network tab. Once there, save your changes in PBS then you should see multiple entries towards admin-ajax.php. If you see this in red, then that signifies that an error has occurred. Check if you see something like this:

file QhA6mhZ3Fo

If this is the case then please email us at support@pagebuildersandwich.com along with the necessary login credentials so we can check it out and fix it for you.

Possibility #3: Wordfence Firewall

Please read the article on Wordfence compatibility here: http://docs.pagebuildersandwich.com/article/214-wordfence-firewall-setup-compatibility

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