How to Add Shortcodes

How to Add Shortcodes

How to Add Shortcodes

Adding Shortcodes

Shortcodes can be pasted or typed in directly while editing. After you’ve typed in your shortcode, press enter or navigate out the shortcode and it should show up in its rendered form right away.

Another way of adding shortcodes is to click on the Shortcode Element on your inspector. This will bring up a popup that lists all the shortcodes available in your site. Select one or double click on any of them to insert it.

Editing Shortcodes

You can edit shortcodes in 2 ways:

  1. Click on the shortcode to select it and edit the shortcode properties in your inspector. If there are attributes & content in your shortcode, then those should appear as fields that you can change. The shortcode should update automatically with your changes.
  2. Double click on the shortcode (or hover your mouse over it then click on the edit toolbar button) to edit the raw shortcode. You can freely modify the whole shortcode this way. When you’re done, press enter or select another element to update the shortcode.

Where are my Shortcode Attributes?

Shortcode attributes cannot be detected by Page Builder Sandwich. So you will have to type those in. We are working on a way to map shortcodes into the system to make it easy for everyone. Stay tuned for that one.

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