Carousel Element

Carousel Element

Carousel Element


Lite Version Not available
Premium Version All features available

  • Multiple columns in one carousel slide.
  • Visual editing of carousel slides.
  • Edit carousel slides like you would a row or column. Additional elements such as text and images can be added.


Carousels are a novel way of adding content that loops repeatedly into view. Page Builder Sandwich has a native carousel element that can be used, eliminating the need for external carousel plugins.

Clicking the gear button of the carousel element allows you to configure the behavior of the carousel, such as slide animation, delay and more. Upon creation, you are given three carousel slides to work on, with the option to add or delete slides. All these slides accepts the usual elements used, such as text, images and certain shortcodes. 

Switching slides is as easy as selecting the navigation buttons itself. The slide order can also be modified, through the properties (gear icon) as well.

Useful In

  • Highlighting products, images, messages and other similar content that should be visually emphasized.
  • Making space for more details and information in limited spaces.
  • Landing page headings with 1 or more call-to-action buttons, opening pages, and more commonly, home pages.

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