Button Element

Button Element

Button Element


Lite Version Not available
Premium Version All features available

  • Button element
  • Styles
  • Button Icons


Optionally highlight some text, then click on the button element in the inspector. This should bring up a modal where you can type in the URL to link to for your button. You can also search for any existing webpage that you have in your website from there.

Unlike the other elements, buttons are placed inline, which means that they will be placed alongside other text (or other buttons). You cannot drag and drop individual buttons to other locations, but instead drag the button along with the text surrounding it.

While editing, when you click on a button, you will be able to see additional styling options in the inspector. You can also hover your mouse over buttons to see the URL they link to, and other commands.

Useful In

  • Linking to other pages
  • “Read more” or “Learn more” links
  • Landing page headings with 1 or more call-to-action buttons

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