How to Update Page Builder Sandwich

We usually release an update every 2-4 weeks with new features and bug fixes.

To ensure that your site & PBS remains awesome, we advise you to update every time PBS releases an update.

To update PBS, go to your plugins page at Plugins > Installed Plugins, scroll down to Page Builder Sandwich, then click on the update link. Note that for Premium users, you'll have to activate PBS with your license key for updates to work.

What to Do When the Update Link Isn't Showing Up

If you cannot see the update link, WordPress may have not yet refreshed/checked for plugin updates. To force WordPress to check, navigate to Dashboard > Updates, then click on the Check Again button.

What to Do If the Update Fails (Premium Users Only)

If in some way, the update method failed, you can update PBS from your account page at PBSandwich > Account. Beside your version number, you'll see an update button when there's an update available.

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