My Screen Is Stuck in The "Please Wait..." Stage

If when clicking on the edit button and you end up in the "Please Wait..." notice in your admin bar and it doesn't disappear, a few things may have happened:

Cause 1. Your Content May Have Become Corrupted

This might happen if the content was edited in the backend and some HTML tag (or just some invalid HTML) was added in, thereby invalidating the structure of your content.

To check whether this happens, try editing a new page with PBS. If it works in a new page, but it's stuck in "Please Wait..." in another one that has the questioned contents, then this is a good indication that the current page's contents may have been corrupted somehow.

The fix for this is either find and remove the invalid HTML, or erase the contents of your current page and re-create it.

Cause 2. There's a Javascript error that triggered it

There might be a Javascript error that prevented Page Builder Sandwich from working properly. This can be because of other plugins, your theme, or a bug in PBS (gasp!). To check whether this is the case, you can open the developer console in your browser to check for errors. 

I would recommend using Chrome for this one. Right click on anything in the page, then click on the "Inspect" option. This will bring up a new area on the bottom of your browser, click on the "console" tab. If you have errors, you should see something like this:

If you do have an error, You can also get a clue where this is coming from by clicking or hovering your mouse over the script's name:

These errors may come from your theme or other plugins that you may have. Having those errors fixed can make PBS work again.

If your theme or one of your plugins is causing the Javascript error, kindly let us know via email at and we will do our best to fix the issue :)

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